news about blood pressure:
There is new news about blood pressure:
🇺🇸 The United States has officially stipulated that: 65-year-old standard blood pressure 150/90, normal elderly over 80 years old, 160 or even 170.
Over the years, we have been greatly affected by the number of “old standards” (not exceeding 120) that have focused on medical and commercial interests in the past. It has caused a huge unnecessary psychological burden on the elderly over the age of sixty or seventy years old!
From now on, we must correct the concept of being taught by a doctor. Please see the following report.

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Subvert our perception of normal blood pressure! What is the normal blood pressure of all ages?
Normal systolic blood pressure = Wu's calculation of systolic blood pressure = (82 + age)
Example: 75 years old = 82 + 75 = 157
【in conclusion】
Normal systolic blood pressure: male = 82 + age, female = 80 + age,
Health (normal) indicators: measured systolic blood pressure = normal systolic blood pressure.
The doctor of the North Hospital of the Third Hospital said that the blood pressure of people over 70 years old can not be lower than 130, otherwise it is easy to produce postural hypotension fainting, high blood pressure between 150~130 is safer, prefer to be higher, not lower.

The same is true for blood sugar. With the increase of age, the standard of relaxation is appropriate. The fasting blood sugar of diabetics over 60 years old is controlled at around 6.5, and the control of over 70 years old is about 7.5. Most of the time over 80 years old does not exceed 8.0. Occasionally, it can be around 8.5. Hypoglycemia is even more terrible I hope that every family has a healthy person!

There is "anti-intestinal cancer" substance in rice!
Do you eat rice? Eat hot? Still letting cool down?
I used to cook rice, always afraid of cold, and greeted my family to eat hot.

wrong! There is a substance in rice that can fight intestinal cancer, called resistant starch; cooked rice, only after cooling, will produce more resistant starch.

Therefore, after the rice is cooked, open the lid, stir the rice with a spoon, and let the rice cool. After the rice is eaten at a mild temperature, it will produce resistant starch. Such rice, because of more resistant starch, resistant starch is not easily converted into sugar, which is beneficial for weight loss and easier to control blood sugar, and is also very good for preventing intestinal cancer.

* Hurry and change the old concept of eating!
Starting today, we are beginning to change the old habit of eating hot! This makes me think that eating sushi is also very good. It is no wonder that Japanese people live longer, not only because they eat more sea fish, but also eat rice scientifically. It is also a rice ball and a sushi and a cold cake.

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